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Classification Characteristics Of Ball Valves
Nov 01, 2018

Ball valves are divided into: floating ball valve, fixed ball valve, track ball valve, V-type ball valve, tee ball valve, stainless steel ball valve, steel ball valve, forged steel ball valve, ash ball valve, anti-sulfur ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve, card set ball valve, welding ball valve.

According to the shell/Body material classification, ball valve can be divided into:

1. Metal valve: such as carbon steel valve, alloy steel valve, stainless steel valve, cast iron valve, titanium valve, Monel valve, copper alloy valve, aluminum alloy valve, lead alloy valve and so on.

2. Metal Valve body lining valve: such as rubber lined valve, fluorine-lined valve, lined with lead valve, lined plastic valve, lined with enamel valve.

3. Non-metallic materials valves: such as ceramic valves, glass valves, plastic valves. Domestic production of ball valve manufacturers More, connection size is also mostly not uniform.

Mainly divided into the following major categories:

Ball valve sphere is floating, under the action of medium pressure, the sphere can produce a certain displacement and tight pressure on the outlet end of the sealing surface, to ensure the export end seal.

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