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Advantages Of Ball Valves
Nov 01, 2018

1, the thrust bearing reduces the valve stem frictional moment, can make the valve stem long-term operation smooth and flexible.

2, anti-static function: In the sphere, valve stem, valve body set between the spring, can be generated during the switching process of electrostatic export.

3, because PTFE and other materials have a good self-lubricating, and the friction of the ball small, so the long service life of pneumatic ball valve.

4, the fluid resistance is small: pneumatic ball valve is the lowest fluid resistance in all valve classification, even the diameter of the pneumatic ball valve, its fluid resistance is quite small.

5, Valve stem seal reliable: because the valve stem only for the rotation movement and does not do the lifting movement, the valve stem packing seal is not easy to destroy, and the sealing ability increases with the medium pressure increase.

6, the valve seat sealing performance is good: the use of PTFE and other elastic materials made of the sealing ring, the structure is easy to seal, and pneumatic ball valve seal capacity with the increase in media pressure increases.

7, the fluid resistance is small, the full bore ball valve basically does not have the flow resistance.

8, simple structure, small size, light weight. 9. Tight and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces, and the ball valve sealing surface material widely used a variety of plastic, good sealing, can achieve complete sealing.

It is also widely used in vacuum systems.

10, easy to operate, open and close quickly, from full open to all off as long as the rotation of 90 °, convenient long-distance control.

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